1 Aeronautics and Defense:  Rocket Tip and Customized parts
2 Electric Industries:  Insulators, Lamp Holders, Fuses
12 Automobile Industries:  Heater and Electro Mechanical Parts
3 Electronics Industries:  Boats, Wire-wound Resistors etc
4 Resistor Industries:  Formers, Wire Wound Resisters, Bushes & Special Shapes
5 Heat Engineering:  Cordierite multiple hole tubes and Bobbins
13 Paint Industries:  Steatite Balls and bricks go into Paint and ceramic industries as grinding media& Lining Bricks
14 Soap and Textile Industries:  Sodium Silicate is Sold to above industries to manufacture soap & as fixation of colors to textile.
7 Plastic Industries:  Band Heaters
6 Building Industries:  Roofing, Paving, Wall Tiles are sold to builders.
8 Cement Industries:  Abrasion Resistant Tiles and Chutes
11 Chemical industries:  Acid Resistance Bricks and Catalyst
9 Switch Gear Industries:  MCB Plates and Fuses
106 Food Industries:  Peanut Butter and Blanched Peanut