As a producer of L.T. Insulators and Technical Ceramics, Sonya Ceramics has concentrated on  shapes made of Steatite, Cordierite, Porcelain & Alumina.  Being specialized in these materials, Sonya Ceramics  offers an engineering service combined with unique manufacturing capability, which results in  a tailored product at a reasonable cost.  

Sonya Ceramics offers its engineering capabilities to help you with your design and material selection for your unique application.

Sonya Ceramics‘s advance machinery is  capable of producing millions of small parts per day, large ceramic shapes pressed parts up to 100 MM  diameter, and extruded shapes up to 75 MM in diameter. 

Sonya Ceramics‘s process includes dry  pressing, extrusion, secondary machining, glazing and both center less and flat  grinding. Sonya Ceramics has the finest equipment, enabling us to produce high-quality  ceramics in  mass quantities at competitive prices.