The Company has the facility to press, extrude and do slip casting:

The Ceramic Plants are equipped with  
Tabletting Press, Vacuum Pug Mills, Hydraulic Presses, Tunnel Kiln, Shuttle Kiln, Electric   Kiln, VMC, Wire Cutting, Spark Erosion. The firing capacity is up to 1400o C to 1500o C. The Electric Kiln have been recently added to manufacture High Alumina of 98% with the firing capacity of 1600o C.

The Company has fully equipped workshop with in-house facility to produce the required tools.

Work Strength

Approximately 400 workers are employed between the two sites i.e. Ahmedabad and Kadi.


The products of the company are currently being exported to a number of countries and all the efforts are being regularly made to increase the volume in Export Market.