Quality Control 

We, at Sonya Insulators believe in stringent Quality Control, And that is why we have full fledged Q.C. Department with Capability for Visual, Chemical & Physical Analysis.

Quality Policy

We, at Sonya Insulators are dedicated to satisfy customer requirement of quality ceramics as per customer’s specification & within the committed time limit. This will be achieved through continual development, training of manpower & quality assurance of the product at all stages of manufacturing.

Quality Control Procedure

To ensure the quality of final products, inspection is carried out right from the incoming of raw materials to final outgoing products.

(1) Incoming Raw Material Inspection

(2) In process Inspection

(3) Out going Inspection/S.P.C. (Statistical Process Control)

In process, inspection is carried out on shop floor at regular intervals by floor Supervisors and Quality Control Inspectors. The statistical process control is introduced at this level.

Out going inspection is carried out by sampling method. The samples are drawn from a lot as per IS -2500 Part -I “Sampling Inspection Procedure” devised by Bureau of Indian Standard. The inspection level and AQL is mutually decided between us and the customer as per their requirements. We follow general inspection level No. 1  single sampling plan for normal inspection at AQL 1.5 to 4. The test certificate is sent to customer for every lot dispatched.

Types of In -House Quality Test 

Raw Material Tests

Acid Test, Plasticity Check, Residue test Firing Test, Free Iron Content, Shrinkage Check, Green Strength Test (M.O.R.) Moisture Test, Grain Size analysis.

Product Tests

Water Absorption, Bulk Density Check, Bursting Strength, Compressive Strength, Thermal Shock Test/Thermal Resistance, Flame test, Crazing Test for Glaze Items, Crushing Strength Test, Chemical Resistance Test.